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Design AV Europe & ViewSonic Case Study at The Great Western Hospital NHS Trust.

About The Great Western Hospital NHS Trust

The Great Western Hospital, run by the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is a large hospital in Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Opening its doors in 2002, the Trust has around 1.2 million patient contacts a year: providing healthcare to the residents of Swindon and the surrounding areas, offering the latest treatments and care in hospital, in the local community and in people's own homes. The Great Western Hospital has around 480 beds, numerous outpatient clinics, CT and MRI scanners, maternity services, an Intensive Care Unit, an Urgent Care Centre and a 24/7 Emergency Department.

About the Integrator

Design AV Europe is an audio-visual solution specialist who designs, builds and maintains integrated AV, Security and Data systems since 2007. With many years of experience in project-specific design and delivery, they are known for making technology procurement and management simple. Their approach to AV Engineering combines deep product knowledge, elegant presentation and straightforward project and contract management in each development they do.

The Challenge

The Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust decided their ageing AV equipment was due an urgent upgrade as the increased obligation to operate in remote setups. With social

distancing in place due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, this urgency to transform the workplace AV technology quickly highlighted that the existing hardware could not meet these new requirements. The Trust needed to provide a modern, connected workplace for on-site, cross-site and remote worker connecting from home and at various locations around the world; due to the restrictions on travel, medial workflow needed to take on a new approach. The Trust sought an integrated solution that would “provide facilities for staff training and MDT's (Multi-disciplinary Teams), which was easy to use and enabled remote participation within a Microsoft Teams-based environment." Peter Tayler, Purchasing and Support Technician explains.

The Trust had previously deployed a reasonably simplistic setup, with ceiling-mounted projectors and the traditional pull-down screens connected via VGA. However, their experience with projection systems was unable to meet the demands of the modern workplace in terms of both quality and interoperability, as Tayler describes: “we were not happy with the old projection systems, many of the images were dull, and screen surfaces wrinkled, remote connectivity and visibility was a key issue.” The Trust required a solution that would provide high-quality displays for on-site staff, plus the added smart functionality

to share screens wirelessly while maintaining social distancing, connect and share content seamlessly to remote users, initiative, save and record meetings easily and surpass all the new limitations of the physical environment in these unprecedented times.

The Solution

After assessing the Trusts requirements against what was already in use, the Design AV Europe team proposed installing new 4K Commercial Grade large format displays instead of traditional projectors, notably a selection of ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays, ranging from 55-98 inches. In a fast-paced hospital environment, any new installations required minimal disruption to the hospital's daily functioning; therefore, it was fundamental that the displays supported pre-existing software and systems, including mobile, laptop and tablet support for screen sharing technologies such as Airplay, Miracast and Chromecast right out of the box.

The included ViewSonic software package consists of the full myViewBoard Software Suite, which includes dedicated whiteboarding and annotation software. ViewBoard Cast is used for wireless screen sharing and mirroring, enabling any user to cast their devices and connect to multiple displays, or share their screen into a video conference.

“This allows for key personnel not on site to be included in the training, courses, and seminars either as participants or as presenters from remote locations. As a result of social distancing, it also allows for rooms to be extended across multiple spaces to accommodate larger groups.”

Moreover, myViewBoard welcomed asynchronous, collaborative learning with its interactive feature, an attribute that the Trust did not previously consider.

In terms of implementation, the Design AV Europe team provided training with the Trust's users on site, with hands on sessions and familiarisation with the new setup. The user manuals for all equipment were uploaded to the Trusts internal intranet and installed into the Trust's PC. Design AV Europe also provided quick reference cards in each room and a support line to all users at the Trust.

The Result

Over the transformation period, the Trust’s IT team had nothing but positive feedback for the seamless transition. The ability to expand meeting sessions easily and connect with anyone seamlessly was a commonly highlighted theme. The added benefit of also being able to save and record meetings much more manageable, by reducing the need for note taking and using multiple devices made it easier to maintain single personal devices, which are easier to clean and sanitise after use.

In addition to installing the new ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays, the Trust also received on-site training from DesignAV Europe to get the most out of their new communication and presentation tools. “Initially, some users were sceptical, but after the initial training sessions, they realised that the systems were straightforward to use, and

the touch screen interfaces kind of handhold the user into selecting what it is they want to do.” The whole experience was greatly simplified, while also providing a much better audio and visual experience for all in terms of quality, resolution, brightness, contrast and intelligibility.

The Trust also appreciated how the new ViewBoard interactive displays helped to reduce their total cost of ownership. Compared to projectors, the ViewBoard displays do not require additional accessories such as filters, lamps, or ongoing maintenance. These extra items' hidden fees make projectors more expensive in the long run, making the ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive display solution a long term and cost-saving investment.

The Trust now increased the availability of its internal and remote room configurations and appreciates how these AV investments also improve the rooms' aesthetics and usability with the presence of ViewBoard interactive displays. Not only does it introduce a more professional environment, but also allows for interaction on-site and in a remote scenario

without restrictions.

Reflecting on the Trust’s digital transformation, Tayler says:

“The room solutions make for saving and recording meetings much easier. Plus, it reduces the need for note taking, which can be done from within the Teams environment or via screenshots from the ViewBoard interactive display technologies. These are important critical resources that previously might restrict the user or be underutilised within the teams; now, any pertinent information can be distributed as required immediately during or after any meeting. Having the additional ability for extra personnel, especially consultants and remote facilitators to jump in and out of a meeting remotely has a huge impact on patient-outcome as it just makes the entire process much quicker.”



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