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Concert stage and concert audience

Live sound audio design and installation 

Achieving a great live sound can be daunting even for experienced sound engineers. With our support, your venue will deliver a live music or entertainment experience that is quite simply astonishing. For further information please get in touch.

Mixing desk at live gig
Abstract fire and light trails and effects

Cutting-edge live sound design and installation for any venue

Achieving a truly excellent live sound involves so much more than investing in the best-quality speakers. Of course, good speakers are a must, but to achieve crystal clear fidelity, coverage and control whilst managing what can be extremely high levels of volume coming from multiple sources, you're going to need additional sophistication and expertise!

Achieve a harmonious, intelligible and layered wall of sound that can be readily controlled and manipulated to suit the requirements of the event, be it a rock concert, a DJ night, a musical theatre production, a live business conference or an evening of stand-up comedy.

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Typical applications for our live sound installations

  • Music venues for live bands and musical artists

  • Nightclubs and other live DJ environments

  • Live comedy nights

  • Theatrical performances

  • Live discussions and talks

  • Outdoor music festivals

To accompany great sound, you want great visuals too! Why not take a look at our live streaming services?

Angled aspect of graphic equalizer
Sound control desk in theatre Scotland 2005
Abstract fire and light trails and effects

Comprehensive and creative solutions in live sound

Are you in the process of replacing your current live sound system? Or are you currently building your venue from scratch? Need to incorporate visuals into the performance? Do you have a space that is somewhat challenging in terms of its natural acoustics?

As we so often say, contacting us at the earliest possible stage could make all the difference to the success and smooth running of your live sound system. We'll pre-empt and resolve any potential issues before they arise, and ensure that your system conveys optimal audial performance regardless of any limitations your venue may have.

A complete build, installation and aftercare service tailored to your requirements.

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Discuss your live-sound installation needs with our skilled engineering team. Contact Design AV Europe:

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