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People in a meeting with a video conference screen

Bespoke AV solutions for meeting rooms

Have you been tasked with designing a new meeting room, complete with integrated AV? If you’ve suddenly realised that meeting rooms are more than just ‘rooms for meetings’, imagine how some professional support will help. Maybe your project involves integration with other aspects of property technology too.


At Design AV Europe, we appreciate that every business has different needs when it comes to meeting rooms. From permanent setups to temporary systems ideal for use in hotels and conference centres, our team will provide the perfect solution.

Meeting with video screen
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Don't underestimate the time and hassle that AV installation can involve

Suddenly, as well as your usual responsibilities, you’re planning a new AV room for board meetings, management meetings, sales reviews and video conferencing with subsidiaries.

What’s time consuming for professionals often bewilders non-specialists. Either way, creating a room that will repay the investment involves more than just skilled AV integration.


For a start, think structural and acoustic issues, practical choices about floors and cables, and how to safely mount that 80-inch screen your MD wants…

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Bespoke, in-depth AV installation and building knowledge

When it comes to meeting room setups, we make bespoke AV integration trouble-free. We start with detailed product knowledge, understanding trends and running proof of concept demos. Making good early decisions saves you time and money, while seamless integration of proven products ensures straightforward operation. It all adds up to a cost-effective solution and a boost to the efficiency of your meeting spaces.

Dozens of satisfied corporate clients benefit from our live and static AV and the thought we put into getting their meeting room needs right.

Clients have experienced ‘Wow!’ moments during our tailored product demonstrations and trials. The peace of mind is priceless; so is knowing your installation will work.


What’s more, when other suppliers miss details – like stray sunlight causing flare on a conference room's camera lens – we’ll come to the rescue!

meeting room
Meeting room with table centred around video screens
Abstract fire and light trails and effects

AV installation and building experience

If you take just one idea away, please make it our combination of AV experience, other aspects of property technology and general building capability. That’s why we like offering advice early in the project to help you achieve a user-friendly AV installation.


It beats getting part way through and realising that extra unbudgeted works will be needed so everyone can see the screen.

You see, we won’t put video walls where glare makes viewing hard (or if we must, we’ll use intelligent glass or anti-glare window treatment).

Close-up of speakers

Design an AV system that's free from problems rather than fixing problems down the line. Take the first step by contacting the Design AV Europe team.

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