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Boardroom AV

Your organisation expands, business needs change, and you’re embracing integrated AV in your boardroom refit. It’s a major investment that must serve the business for years.


Now imagine having professional support from an audio-visual specialist with experience of specialised boardroom AV installations and a wide range of related property technology from security to data management. We’re much more than ‘just another AV supplier’.

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This isn't "just another meeting room"

You’re responsible for the project – from design and equipment specification to managing the build and commissioning the new room.


Even with experience, the unique demands make boardroom-based projects challenging. If you aren’t a specialist, they’re probably perplexing. Either way, you’re responsible for creating a new nerve-centre where the future of the business will be determined. The principles may be similar, but this isn’t just another meeting room.

Compared with standard rooms, boardroom equipment specifications are usually higher. Technology is recessed or hidden, with sophisticated internet video conferencing (IWC), control systems, and new furniture – including the boardroom table.

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How we integrate our AV expertise with other technology specialisms

Consider all the structural, acoustic and services issues associated with standard meeting rooms. Successfully integrating AV expertise with other aspects of property technology and general building skills is critical. It’s what we do…

With so much at stake, we use years of accumulated knowledge and practical experience to simplify the most sophisticated boardroom fit-outs. When it comes to AV integration, our detailed equipment knowledge and understanding of which equipment works best in different boardrooms is the key to your peace of mind, successful project completion, and a delighted board.

Currency with the latest trends, honest advice, and our ability to prove concepts is vital. There’s no place for guesswork or missing details that might compromise the future usability of your boardroom.

Boardroom with modern video conference system
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Involving us early will save you time and money in the long run

With early involvement, we’ll save you time and money. Importantly, whether in one of our tailored product workshops or a proof-of-concept session, we’ll show that our boardroom solutions work.

Corporate AV experience and careful thought are our key differentiators. Clients value our attention to detail– especially when, as with one client’s three new boardrooms, it results in three solidly-booked, hard-working facilities.

Let's talk about your boardroom AV as early as possible. Experience shows the wisdom of using good initial design to avoid problems rather than trying to fix issues later.

That’s why we urge you to engage with us as soon as possible about your boardroom AV and other aspects of property technology. Let us arrange that product demo or proof of concept, then look forward to years of successful boardroom meetings. We can even ensure that visitors are able to bring their own devices and connect to your systems, easily and safely without breaching your security.

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Your team will drive forward your business success. We're here to assist with proven technological solutions. Contact Design AV Europe on:

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