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Seamlessly integrating your legacy systems with your UC platforms

Migrating to the latest UC&C systems does not automatically render your existing legacy systems obsolete. Rather, the two can be integrated as an interim measure to enable a phased migration that will ultimately be of more benefit to you as a business.


Change needn't happen overnight, and often it shouldn't, especially when a more measured and considered approach is required. Get in touch to talk to us about our unique approach.

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Utilising the versatility of Cloud Video Interop to get full value from your pre-existing legacy solutions

Simply ripping out and doing away with your current legacy conferencing systems, replacing them entirely with a modern UC&C platform, may seem like an enormous and incredibly complex challenge. However, there is an interim solution that could make things simpler and more streamlined, whilst allowing you to spread the costs.

Using a process of phased migration, you can continue to use your legacy solutions whilst gradually adopting the native platform over a period of time. This is made possible by Cloud Video Interop - getting full value from your legacy systems and benefiting from the advancements offered by UC&C platforms at the same time.

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How will you benefit from adopting a phased migration approach?

  • Cut and spread out the costs that an overnight migration would incur

  • Avoid setbacks caused by user unfamiliarity with the new platform, as well as unforeseen technical issues

  • Continue to use a system that still provides value to your business

  • Have control of when and how quickly you migrate - doing what's best for your business

  • Have access to the latest functions and features of native platforms, but benefit from the stability and peace of mind your legacy systems provide

Find out more about how we focus on individual project delivery whatever your company circumstances.

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There's no better way to start than starting as early as possible

Post Covid, companies are having to rethink the way they deal with desk management. Talk to Design AV Europe. We can help you with hot-desking, as well as visitor and meeting room management so that you can stay Covid secure.

  • Easy DIY configuration or we can set it up for you

  • Risk-free management of desks, meeting rooms and visitors

  • Perfect for hybrid or flexible working

  • Give clients confidence and empower your workforce

If you'd like to speak to someone about our end-to-end workspace management solutions, contact us today.

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Open up the discussion about migrating to UP&C. There's no obligation, but chatting to us could make all the difference in the long run. Contact Design AV Europe:

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