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Wearable technology in the workplace

As wearable technology such as VR and smart watches continues its march into the workplace, more and more employers are recognising the many advantages this technology can bring. At Design AV Europe, we provide tailored solutions that could enhance your workspace in so many ways. Find out for yourself by getting in touch.

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Wearable tech and the road to wellbeing at work

Wearable technology is allowing businesses to invest in healthy, productive and positive workspaces not just on a site-wide level, but on an individual level.

Having relevant information and clear, step-by-step instructions can significantly improve efficiency and speed. It also allows employees to access the information they need, even when they’re not at a desk.

From a practical point of view, the people in your business will be able to access constant support, helping you to create a more efficient workplace and save on resources.

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Wearable tech is making waves in the business world with a variety of benefits:

  • Encourage safety and situational awareness, especially as regards COVID-19 compliance

  • Reduce workplace accidents by tracking performance and reporting on any work that takes place in an unsafe manner

  • Streamline your processes by using wearable tech to design and test new products

  • Provide training that is personalised to each and every employee using the data you have collected

  • Monitor health as well as performance, and use the knowledge gained to improve wellbeing, health and employee engagement

As part of our wearable tech packages we also incorporate solutions that enable employees, customers and clients to use their own technology and connect it to your system, find out more here:

wearable technology

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Transform and enhance your work environment with wearable tech. Talk to Design AV Europe today.

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