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Unified communications platforms

Selecting and implementing your chosen UC platform requires careful consideration and detailed planning. After all, the whole point is to drive forward the success and growth of your business. To do that, you want to create an infrastructure that is simple to use and guaranteed to engender productivity and enhanced communications. 

Time to collaborate with Design AV Europe and utilise our decades of industry experience to your advantage.

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Enabling your users to connect, communicate and collaborate faster, more effectively and more easily than ever.

With cloud-based platforms now firmly established as the norm within almost every commercial setting, it wasn't too difficult to foresee how such platforms would eventually revolutionise the way we communicate, collaborate, and share ideas. This revolution has come in the form of UC - unified communications.

Indeed, if there is anything at all positive to say of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the extraordinary way in which it has laid bare not just the sheer usefulness of having a fully operational and streamlined UC platform, but its undeniable indispensability.

From adoption, planning and implementation to ongoing maintenance and support, our team is here to help you bring your business firmly into the 21st century and ready to hold your own against your competitors.

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A rich, diverse and easy-to-use visual collaboration toolset, all from one common interface.

You may already have some level of understanding of platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex. We will assist you in selecting the right platform for your unique business requirements, and then we go several steps further by demonstrating the lengths to which your new UC platform can empower and optimise your commercial practices at every level.

Bring the meeting room to dozens or even hundreds of locations within your organisation.


We can help you to achieve this in real time, with a level of quality and reliability that's consistent and predictable.

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How our UC platforms benefit you:

  • Deliver enhanced customer service

  • Reduce costs and increase revenue in one fell swoop

  • Improve efficiency and timescales

  • Are you an SME? Communicate and disseminate information at a speed and level of efficiency you thought achievable only by the big firms

  • No need to be tied to a desk. Communicate from anywhere to anywhere

  • Achieve more with fewer, less expensive tools and processes

  • Connect with your remote or mobile workforce just as effectively as you can with your on-site staff

Not only are we able to install equipment that works for you, we can also set up the infrastructure to enable your customers and clients to bring and connect their own devices to your network and system.

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Let's start talking about your UC platform adoption as early as possible. Contact Design AV Europe on:

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