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Hospital meeting room with AV install

AV for hospitals and other healthcare settings

How will professionally integrated AV and other aspects of property technology enhance your hospital environment? Of course, there are the usual applications. These include classrooms, lecture theatres, patient management systems and conference spaces. Then there are specialised installations at the cutting edge of lifesaving medicine.


Either way, clients facing similar challenges to you regularly entrust us with their hospital audio-visual install. For your convenience, we can handle it all. That’s another benefit of working with a partner who does more than just AV installation.

medical imaging
Abstract fire and light trails and effects

How utilising AV brings myriad benefits to your hospital 

  • Improved overview of patient and image information

  • Ability to record and play back medical procedures in real time, for reviewing and training purposes

  • Gain access to remote expertise

  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals anywhere in the world

  • Enhance training procedures and reduce overcrowding in the operating theatre

  • View, record, share and store audio, video and image sources

  • Promote enhanced learning and develop better, safer practices as you continue to use the data gathered

Glowing blue dimensional square in space-computer generated abstract background

Intelligent input.
Right from the outset.

Are you an experienced AV specifier or newly responsible for AV installation on top of other responsibilities? Either way, we make achieving the required solution straightforward.

The secret? Getting us involved as early as possible in the design process. That way we can bring our combined building and AV integration experience to your health centre or hospital as soon as possible.


We do this with reassuring tailored product demos, proofs of concept, and pilots (the latter may be chargeable).

operating theatre
Close-up of speakers

Continue to enhance the outstanding levels of service you provide to your patients, partners and staff - aided by the Design AV Europe team.

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