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Audio-visual solutions for lecture theatres

You’ve been tasked with equipping a lecture theatre. Not unlike an auditorium, this is probably a specialised space with raked seating and requiring excellent acoustics. Because we do so much more than just AV installation, we regularly delight clients who need facilities just like this.

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It's more than just a meeting room; it's a vital educational environment

Whether yours is a small in-company lecture theatre for training technicians and salespeople, or a large academic teaching facility, you understand that it’s much more than just a big room with seats and a lectern.


As with auditoriums, the quality of design, construction and AV installation can make or break audiences’ future experiences.

There’s plenty at stake: built and equipped properly, the lecture theatre will be a valued asset. Because of this, we’re sure you’ll find our experience with AV and a wide range of related property technology invaluable.

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Get us involved in your audio-visual project early on!

As we always say, getting the best long-term result means involving an experienced AV integrator in your project as early as possible.

By doing so, and accessing our combined building, property technology and AV installation experience, you can be confident of minimising short and long-term AV costs. And the cost of lost time if a solution has to be altered.

Many of our clients are well known international organisations. They know that we add considerable value and reassurance from the project’s start. We know what we’re doing, as demonstrated by the dozens of lecture theatres we’ve successfully worked on. Secondly, our tailored AV product days and proofs of concept show you beyond doubt that we can match the special demands of such spaces.

lecture theatre
lecture theatre classroom
Abstract fire and light trails and effects

It all boils down to experience, insight and a wealth of hands-on knowledge

If there’s one differentiator for our work on lecture theatres, it’s the depth and breadth of our experience. With so many variables involved in lecture theatre design and construction, clients value our AV integration skills.


Then there’s our detailed knowledge of the building work underpinning teaching rooms and our understanding of how live events operate.


Of course, when wider technology integration is required (for instance with building management, security and data comms) you know we can handle everything with a single convenient point of contact. Find out more about how our technology and systems can be integrated into higher education settings.

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Make your lecture theatre conducive to the effective learning and development of your students and staff. Contact Design AV Europe on:

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