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Video conferencing solutions for hybrid meeting spaces

Hybrid meeting rooms are fast becoming a common feature of the modern working environment, partly due to the coronavirus pandemic and the changes it forced businesses throughout the UK to make. As ever, Design AV Europe are at the head of the pack when it comes to the provision and maintenance of audio and video conferencing technology for any hybrid workspace. Contact us to find out more.

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Modern solutions for the contemporary business climate

It's a familiar sight in today's business world to have several employees physically in the room where the meeting is being held, whilst others attend remotely via UC platforms such as Teams or Zoom. For such solutions to work, of course, the technology and setup you use must be reliable.


It's not much good if half of your participants cannot hear or interact with the other half, nor if connection is so slow that your remote employees are responding to statements made several conversations ago!

We make things easy, stress free and problem free for you with hybrid meeting room installations that are inclusive, simple to use, and give the complete meeting experience to everyone taking part - no matter where they are based.

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Here are some of the key benefits you can experience:

  • The ability to share screens via single-screen and dual-screen setups promotes collaboration and engagement

  • Employ smart cameras and speaker systems to provide closeups of individual speakers, as well as group views

  • Utilise the full potential of your staff, with travelling distance and availability no longer a barrier to participation

  • Ensure equal levels of quality for at-home and on-site employees who are joining the meeting

  • Facilitates a dynamic workspace, with hot desking becoming a preferable alternative to stationary cubicles and assigned desks

  • Reap the benefits of wireless content sharing, which allows for a truly collaborative experience

For further details about applications, view our Boardroom AV details below.

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Hybrid meeting spaces are here to stay. Make sure yours provides the best possible experience to your staff. Contact Design AV Europe today.

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