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Design AV Europe - Creating Multi Use Meeting Rooms


The Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust decided their ageing AV equipment was due an urgent upgrade as the increased obligation to operate in remote setups. With social distancing in place due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, this urgency to transform the workplace AV technology quickly highlighted that the existing hardware could not meet these new requirements. The Trust sought an integrated solution that would “provide facilities for staff training and MDT's (Multi-disciplinary Teams), which was easy to use and enabled remote participation within a Microsoft Teams-based environment.


The Design AV Europe team proposed installing new 4K Commercial Grade large format displays instead of traditional projectors, notably a selection of ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays, ranging from 55-98 inches. As well as the displays there was a large range of 4K PTZ Cameras for high quality remote meetings and training streaming, full video conferencing solutions via Crestron along with BYOD Systems in all rooms enabling easy setup and use between different staff areas in the hospital.


Over the transformation period, the Trust’s IT team had nothing but positive feedback for the seamless transition. This led to an increased usage of its internal and remote room configurations, with an appreciation of how these AV investments improve the aesthetics and usability of what were previously wasted spaces.

“Having the additional ability for extra personnel, especially consultants and remote facilitators to jump in and out of a meeting remotely has a huge impact on patient-outcome as it just makes the entire process much quicker.”

Peter Tayler - NHS Trust

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