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Conference presentation

Surround sound and Dolby Atmos systems

Wield the sheer audial power and ingenuity of Dolby Atmos and surround sound solutions - the ultimate immersive experience for any audio-visual environment. Contact Design AV Europe for further details.

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Delivering an unbeatable audio-visual experience

Dolby Atmos systems have obvious (if not essential) applications in cinemas, allowing you to position speakers of incredible quality throughout your space, not just on the walls but behind the screen and even in the ceiling. This allows you to envelop the audience in a dome of sound that is beautifully crisp, rich and textured.

But of course, surround sound systems have made their way out of the cinemas and can now be found in a variety of environments, from home cinema setups to conference rooms in offices and other commercial venues.

Give your customers the audio-visual experience they deserve. Contact us to discuss our Dolby Atmos design and installation package.

Our audio experts can also design and install crisp and clear sound systems for live events.

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Turn your conference room into a cinematic experience

Picture the scenario. Your marketing team has been hard at work producing the perfect promotional piece to pitch to your business partners and clients. Your event is teeming with the "who's who" of your industry. No expense has been spared with regards to catering and entertainment. The lights dim and your event takes place, commencing with a promotion of your latest product or service offering.

What could be more exhilarating and impressive than a totally immersive experience incorporating sumptuous visuals and high-definition audio that envelops the audience from all angles?


Deliver your message with a punch, and make sure it sticks. Discuss tailored surround sound solutions with the Design AV Europe team today.

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Bring the cinematic experience into your commercial environment. Talk to Design AV Europe.

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