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Video conferencing room solutions

Transform any space within your office, hotel or education setting into a flawless and fully integrated communications and collaboration hub with our native room solutions. Find out more by contacting Design AV Europe now.

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Turnkey solutions that make everyone's lives easier

There are few things quite as frustrating as systems that are unreliable, broken, or worse: fundamentally unfit for purpose. Poor planning and installation are guaranteed to have a knock-on effect that will ripple throughout your entire operations.

Our video conferencing room solutions, which utilise the latest UC technology and combine it with our 30+ years of expertise in AV systems make this simple requirement a consistent reality. From the largest conferencing room to the smallest meeting room, right through to your remote workers, we provide turnkey solutions that are custom-built to satisfy your unique communication needs.

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Our comprehensive UC room solutions have an array of benefits

  • Deploy our native room solutions at any scale

  • Monitor and operate your system speedily and efficiently

  • Ensure an equal experience for remote users and on-site, in-person participants.

  • Maximise uptime and put an end to unnecessary delays and downtime

  • We offer a fully integrated solution that incorporates multiple technologies and can be configured to any space

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Early integration is fundamental to ongoing success and stability

We continue to find that starting out on the right foot is integral to continuing in said fashion - without unwanted and unforeseen hiccups, downtime, frustration and pointless backtracking.

We provide a comprehensive solution from design to installation to aftercare, even providing technical support both remotely and on-site where required.


Contact us to discuss our purpose-built meeting room solutions and discover the lengths to which we will go to meet and surpass your requirements as a business, employer, service provider or organisation in any sector or industry.

When you choose us, you also don't need to worry about legacy systems as we are able to integrate existing systems and software. Find out more using the link below.

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Take the first step towards years of meetings enriched by high-end UC technology.
Contact Design AV Europe on:

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