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PAVA system installation

A recommendation under current fire safety regulations, PAVA (otherwise known as Public Address and Voice Alarm) systems have multiple applications, giving vital instructions and important information to your staff, visitors and the public. Designed and installed for any environment, Design AV Europe are experts in PAVA systems. Get in touch for a quote or more information.

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PAVA systems for emergency use

A PAVA system can provide critical and sometimes life-saving information when an emergency situation arises - for instance, should a fire break out and an evacuation be required. 


Whilst you may have a thoroughly mapped-out procedure in place that has been trained out to your staff, alongside carefully positioned signage and lighting, you can never predict how people will react when in a state of panic or distress.

Via your PAVA system, you will be able to give clear, calm and concise instructions that encourage people to respond to the announcement appropriately, allowing for a speedy and safe evacuation.

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Common applications for PAVA systems in commercial spaces

  • Playing background music

  • Making advertising announcements, such as seasonal promotions, special offers and the newest items in stock

  • Passenger announcements - vital for railway stations, airports and other transport environments

  • Calling for the attention of specific employees and giving instructions

  • Making announcements to specific customers on-site - for example, if a lost child has been found

  • Emergency announcements and instructions

  • To meet recommended SGSA and HSE guidance for crowd safety

  • To meet standards BS5839-8 and EN54

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Abstract fire and light trails and effects

Bespoke installations tailored to you

Utilising our decades of industry expertise, we'll ensure your public address and voice alarm systems are set up to accommodate your requirements and objectives comprehensively and effectively.

Get started as early as possible by contacting us today. You may be surprised at just how versatile our PAVA design and installation service can be.

Alongside our PAVA systems, we are also able to offer digital signage for venues and businesses.

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For detailed information and advice on PAVA systems from our dedicated team, contact the Design AV Europe team now:

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