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Virtual hybrid meeting space

Virtual hybrid meeting spaces

So many businesses have already made the move to virtual hybrid working, but where do you start? Speak to Design AV Europe. We can keep your employees connected for a more productive, efficient and engaged workforce.

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Make the future of hybrid working, a reality

Covid changed the way the businesses look at their work environment, but unless you’re prepared to become 100% digital, virtual hybrid working is one of the best models to adopt. Giving your employees more independence can help you get more out of your workforce, but you have to ensure they’re set up to succeed when they’re not in the office.

The key is keeping them connected. We can help you host hybrid meetings, live stream content and implement IoT solutions so that you can continue to collaborate and work together remotely.

Wearable tech that allows employees to access support when they need it, RFID readers for delegate registration – it’s about what’s best for your business and ensuring you have the infrastructure you need to make hybrid working work for you.

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An ideal solution for many environments

At Design AV Europe, we offer a range of virtual hybrid working solutions including:

  • IPTV so you can stream content and live business events 

  • Wearable tech that keeps employees up to speed 

  • Intelligent IoT solutions so you can streamline process and improve efficiency

  • Remote participation and workspace management solutions for when people are in the office

If your organisation requires a virtual hybrid meeting space that is tailored to the specific way you operate, please contact our team today. We can work with you to create the perfect solution, supplying all equipment and installing it properly. Alternatively, if you are looking for other remote participation options, use the link below.

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Complete AV solutions

Our AV solutions are designed to make working with them simple. Cutting-edge systems, intuitive operation, and exceptional ongoing support are all key to the way we work at Design AV Europe. If you are in the process of researching and costing solutions for your virtual hybrid workers, contact the team today. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice, as well as all the information you may need about what we can offer you.

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Find out more about our advanced AV solutions for virtual hybrid meeting spaces, and how they could benefit your organisation. Contact Design AV Europe on:

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