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Workspace management

Take advantage of our high-quality, engineering excellence and design expertise to devise creative solutions for your workspace. Start discussing your requirements with Design AV Europe today.

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Work smarter, more conveniently, and more effectively than ever before

Lockdown has changed the way that we work forever However, that doesn't mean that you have to struggle to promote engagement amongst a hybrid workforce. Effective workspace management allows you to create a flexible working environment and help with hot desking, so that your staff can safely book their workspace.

At Design AV Europe, we can help you to improve your intra-office so that you can continue to improve your co-working performance. Share your environment, share best practice, share the benefits. Get in touch for more information.

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Better management for your mobile workforce:

  • Wireless presentation

  • BYOD solutions

  • IPTV systems for catering, office and retail environments

  • Audio-visual systems for venues of any size

  • Preventative and onsite maintenance via trained and highly skilled engineers

  • Use the space you have more effectively by incorporating homeworking, hot desking and remote collaboration into daily office life

  • Bring the boardroom to life and provide clear, high-definition communication to your employees as well as to the outside world

We don't just work with boardrooms and corporate offices, we also provide comprehensive services for other industries. Find out more about installing equipment for background music in venues.

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The safe, easy and affordable way to manage your workspace in the post-COVID world

The pandemic is ongoing and in order to mitigate the risk of exposure - and the consequences this can have for your workforce and your business operation - you need a new way of managing your workspace. Space Connect is the answer.

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What Space Connect offers

Need a desk? Is a meeting required? Are you expecting visitors to your site? It needs to be managed in the right way and that's what Space Connect can do, all through a phone app that can be fully integrated with your business's systems. Book a desk for the day. Guarantee a room along with conference call facilities and tea and coffee provision. Pre-register visitors to your site and ensure badges are printed and ready. It's all possible through the Space Connect app, meaning you can do everything you need to do whilst still maintaining social distancing and contact tracing measures. It's end-to-end and can be adapted as you see fit and, given the same-day setup offering, affordable pricing plans and no minimum contract, it's incredibly competitive and convenient too. Get in touch with us today for your Space Connect free demo.

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In a nutshell ...

  • Online desk, meeting and visitor management

  • Easy-to-use phone app interface

  • Fully configurable

  • Complete end-to-end interface

  • Supports social distancing / contact tracing

  • Fast installation

  • No minimum contract

  • Affordable pricing plan

  • See it in action with a free demo

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Let Design AV Europe help you to create a smarter, better designed and more intelligently run workspace using the best in AV technology and design.

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