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BYOD and BYOM management solutions 

The ability of users to bring their own devices into the workplace is fundamental to flexible working, but only when intelligent infrastructure and ironclad security protocols are in place. Not sure how or where to start? Contact Design AV Europe.

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Introduce flexibility and convenience into your meeting rooms

Giving your employees the freedom to bring their own devices into the work environment not only drives flexibility and safe working, but reduces tech support calls as well as the downtime and frustration which inevitably ensues.

After all, everybody trusts and is familiar with their personal devices. They're faster at using them, less prone to making mistakes, and more comfortable too. By bringing their laptops and other devices into meeting spaces, they can collaborate and share content conveniently, wirelessly and touch free, with no compromise on audio-visual quality.

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When it comes to security, we've got you.

One all-pervading fear that usually wards off BYOD adoption is, of course, security - and with good reason! How do you ensure the safety of sensitive personal data or commercial information? The security risk posed by the use of unsafe or insecure apps to transfer essential data could pose a logistical nightmare if not effectively and proactively managed.

We walk you throughout the entire process of bringing BYOD into your workplace, including those users and devices you should, or should not, allow into your environment in order to minimise risk from the outset.

We'll help you develop protocols and management systems that keep you, your data, and your customers' data secure. This includes the installation of MDM software, which will come in useful in the event that a device gets lost or falls into the wrong hands.

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How do BYOD and BYOM benefit you?

  • Save the time and money incurred by purchasing and handing out devices owned by your organisation

  • Avert problems associated with using outdated or poorly performing devices

  • Boost employee morale, as well as their confidence in the devices and systems they are using

  • Ensure the tools your employees need are always with them, wherever they are based

  • Keep your sensitive data secure with our fully managed security solutions

  • Reduce calls to IT helpdesks, freeing your IT team up for other duties and keeping downtime to a minimum.

We also specialise in system integration and IoT solutions. For further details about these services click on the link below.

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Let's get you set up with an intelligent and comprehensive BYOD strategy.
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