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Live streaming AV solutions

Fail-safe, faultless and high-performance live streaming in HD, across multiple platforms. Make it a possibility for your business by contacting Design AV Europe.

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Achieve broadcast quality, seamlessly and consistently

Gone are the problems typically associated with live streaming: painfully slow buffering times, image pixelation, reduced-quality audio and general unreliability.

Using dedicated hardware streaming encoders, we can provide you with the very best results, delivering beautifully clear images that encourage audience engagement.

We use bonded WiFi, ethernet and 4G connectivity to ensure faultless data transfer that need never be impeded by the internet speed at your venue.

Do you want to integrate other technologies too? Why not take a look at our IPTV solutions?

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Unlock the potential of your live event by streaming it in real time

  • High-quality social streaming - stream directly to all of your company social media platforms and drive engagement

  • Privately stream content to a specific, invite-only audience with password protection and encryption in place

  • Overcome the limitations of your venue by streaming the performance to your audience in real time

  • Encourage consumers to your premises, be it a sports bar or music venue, by live streaming popular events with high levels of fidelity and clarity

  • Bring live events to audiences in any location, whether in the venue itself, at a secondary venue, in an outdoor space or in somebody's home

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Stream content on an invite-only basis

Privately streaming to a specific, invite-only audience is a great way to generate reliable revenue. But how do you keep your content safe?

The first step is encryption. We use Vimeo DRM restrictions, which means we can encrypt your videos so that they can’t be copied easily and even limit the number of times your video file can be played. Put in some password protection and you can keep your content locked so that it’s only seen by the people you want, when you want.

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Live stream your product launch or award show anywhere in the world with a level of quality associated with professional broadcasting technology. Contact Design AV Europe.

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