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Remote participation

30+ years of expertise in integrated AV systems

Remote participation is here to stay. At Design AV Europe, we bring the venue to the home with dynamic, and truly pragmatic, integrated AV solutions. Tailored, as always, to the needs of your business, organisation or purpose.

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Our system design expertise will help you to find the optimum solution.

Whether it's working from home or blended learning, the adoption of online techniques is gathering pace. Simply adding MS Teams to a PC may not be the best way to facilitate the reverse classroom or an efficient home office.

The commercial world has been involved in remote participation for some time, and that gives us a wealth of experience to help stakeholders find the right solution to harness the power of the online revolution.

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Remote participation systems you can rely on

In the age of social distancing, having the ability to put a remote participation system in place is key.  It allows you to include anyone in a hybrid role and helps to increase interaction. Our solutions allow you to share images, display slides and present sound, for more productive meetings.

With seamless synchronisation, you can connect multiple conference systems so that even your offshore departments are included in your updates. All your data is kept secure, so all you need to do is check your team’s availability. Don't wait until people start to ask. Contact our team to find out more about remote participation.

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Employ our in-depth experience in the design and implementation of integrated AV systems at the earliest stages of your project. Get in touch on:

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