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Video walls that capture and hold the attention of your audience

LCD video wall technology brings you closer than ever before to your audience and future customers, giving them flawless access to your branding, imagery and messages. Contact Design AV Europe to explore your options.

Videowall commercial building
Abstract fire and light trails and effects

High-performing LCD and LED walls that allow for creative and visually stunning media

Every business felt the pinch during lockdown, however with restrictions lifted you need to make sure that you stand out in a crowded marketplace. An LED video wall is a great way to grab people’s attention and keep it.

If you take into account their lifespan, operational costs and ROI, LED displays are an excellent investment. There’s no fuzzy or hazy picture and you don’t have to regularly clean any lenses or bulbs at height. Simply choose the content you want to show and you can display a crisp, clear image that’s eye catching even at a distance.


The price of LED screens has continued to come down, making them an ideal alternative to more traditional projection systems. With a brighter display that can be seen during the day, installing a video wall can help you make more of an impact at less of a cost.

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A creative solution for countless applications

  • Engage your audience, whether they are guests at your event or passers-by in a public space

  • Share vital information widely and conveniently to a large number of people at one time

  • At conferences and live events, provide visual evidence and backing to what your speakers are saying. Blending audio and visuals has greater impact and memorability

  • Applicable to just about any setting you can think of -from shops to museums, offices, public transport sectors, gyms and live events

Looking for something smaller and portable, rather than a video wall? Take a look at our wearable tech options.

LCD screens showing digital art
Gallery of video media communication channels or photography on a curved wall
Abstract fire and light trails and effects

Taking full advantage of direct-view and fine-pitch LED

Commonly seen in outdoor venues such as sports arenas and live music events, the sheer visual impact of direct-view LED video walls is now possible indoorsfrom the boardroom to the shopping precinct.

Convey your message in high-definition with bezel-free images that look simply stunning.


Start discussing your requirements with the Design AV Europe team by getting in touch with us today.

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Be bold and creative with video messages that are impactful and engaging. Contact Design AV Europe on:

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