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Audio Conference room

Audio conference design and installation

Delivering an awe-inspiring audio-visual experience to your audience, from the smallest meeting room to a full-sized auditorium. Get in touch with Design AV Europe.

Audio Conference meeting room
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Impeccable audio conference solutions that never falter

Delivering a superlative experience to your audience is the key to a successful business event. Few things are as unimpressive as constant microphone issues, dialogue that's unintelligible or broken up by background noise, visuals that are difficult to make out, and a quality of sound that is inconsistent throughout the room.

We employ our decades of expertise in AV design and installation to provide you with an audio-conferencing setup that is effortlessly tailored to your needs. We're here to help you produce a dynamic and captivating audience experience that will make your event memorable for all the right reasons.

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Factors we take into consideration when delivering AV conference solutions

  • The size of the room, be it a compact huddle space, a boardroom, or an expansive conference space

  • Orientation and amount of seating. Will your participants be seated around a small table, seated in front of a stage, or surrounding you in an amphitheatre-type setting?

  • Will users be bringing and plugging in their own devices or connecting to a fixed PC?

  • What video conferencing software will be required?

  • What projection and display equipment will you be using?

  • Are networked or non-networked solutions required?

Audio Conference meeting
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We don't just install - we provide complete, ongoing support

Start the conversation about your audio-visual conference requirements with us. Drop us a message or ring our customer service line to speak with us directly.


Our clients benefit from our comprehensive service that integrates consultation, planning and design, installation, and a variety of maintenance and support packages.

We specialise in finding solutions and can even work with you to enable hybrid meetings that bring your workforce together. Find out more here:

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How can we best meet your audio conference requirements? Contact Design AV Europe today.

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