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Delivering your AV or UC project to the highest levels of excellence

Delivering integrated AV, data, and unified communications that don't just meet your needs - they exceed them at every level and in every way. Because that's just what we do. Reach out to discuss our services now.

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Putting the experience of our customers first, from project design to aftercare.

Your technology needs to be functional, fit for purpose, and reliable. A simple enough request, but so easy to fall short on without the expertise, product knowledge and forward-thinking mindset required to predict problems and solve them before they even surface.

From proof of concept to the build, delivery and aftercare of your AV, data and UC systems, we're by your side providing you with the levels of customer care that we would like to receive from our chosen service providers.

Our fantastic international network and global alliance partnerships allow us to provide a reliable worldwide service. For details relating to our AV support service, click the link below.

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How our project delivery approach reaps endless rewards for you

  • Industry-leading solutions in system design and development

  • Every project is meticulously planned, with demonstrations and proofs of concept that give you peace of mind at every stage

  • Bespoke production, design, build and testing

  • Engineers and technicians whose experience is second to none

  • Exceptional in-house programming skills

  • Project management of your migration and adoption of all new technologies

  • Technical support, advice, and upskilling

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Let us deliver the audio-visual project that your business needs. Contact Design AV Europe on:

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