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Design AV Europe - Community Cinema at RAF Wittering


RAF Wittering had received funding to create a Cinema Room within the base for barracks members along with their family and friends’ use. Being a military base, there were constraints with specifics such as mounting limitations and existing hardware to remain usable within the space. A high-quality cinema room from visuals to sound was required to enhance the space and allow members to relax and enjoy films as well as host community movie nights.


Design AV Europe worked with Optoma in specifying the correct projector and lens which was bright enough and offered the correct throw ratio to project the large, desired image within the space. Chosen was the Optoma ZU860 Laser Projector and BX-CTA06 Lens. The custom ‘goalpost’ truss system was installed to perfection to eliminate the need for ceiling mounting, which was not possible on site. The truss system not only acted as a safe and practical mount for the projector but also offered seamless cable management along with a structure for a pair of the surround sound speakers to be mounted. All controlled within a rack in the room for easy set-up, use and adjustments to audio when required.


A fully operating Cinema Room for the whole community to enjoy, the finished system was praised highly by all members on the base and it kickstarted their ever-popular community movie night which is still ongoing.

From my first conversation with The Reverend at RAF Wittering it became clear just how much this project mattered to the personnel at the base. It was great to see the space transform and become the usable cinema room they had hoped for!

Ashley Henton - Design AV Europe

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